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Teamsatwork is a licensee of Quality Systems Toolbox, a leading cloud-based management system suite. We strongly believe in the benefits of cloud-based management systems ...

1. Accessibility

Storing your documents in shared network folders, filing cabinets and email attachments is a sure way to make it harder to access important system documentation and records.

Harder to access also means harder to update - which means you also risk certification failure.

Would you like easier access to system documents and records? A cloud-based management system can remove all kinds of barriers to access, allowing your team to collaborate regardless of their location, the time of day, or the device they use.

2. Productivity

It’s well-established that organizations relying on paper as a primary means of record keeping spend most of their day just on records management. Move your organization to a paperless management solutions and reduce the vast amounts of time employees spend just managing files and records.

3. Awareness

Cloud-based systems can provide active system-related notifications and reminders that paper-based systems simply cannot provide. Never miss expiry dates for important system records again !

4. Intelligence

By centralising your documents and records, you can also take advantage of summary and reporting tools to gain up-to-the-minute readings on the health of your management systems.

5. Value Adding (and Retaining)

Studies have shown the majority of company data and knowledge is typically unstructured and in many cases not written down - which means it could potentially walk out the door with any of your employees. It's said that KNOWLEDGE = POWER, but it could also be said that CORPORATE KNOWLEDGE = VALUE.

Toolbox captures and structures the valuable knowledge stored within your company, including processes, policies and procedures and records - and prevents it all from "walking out the door".

capture knowledge

QST - Document Control

capture knowledge

QST - Issue Training / Non-conformance

Quality Systems Toolbox

Quality Systems Toolbox™ gives users immediate access to their “total” management system from any computer with connectivity to the internet. Toolbox establishes a “one stop shop” for the referencing and maintenance of all system documentation and records generated throughout an organisation.

The scope of the software and its modular formatting allows organisations to use it to address the specific requirements of many International Standards incuding:

Quality Systems Toolbox is:-

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